The Great Southern Song Comp

Songwriter, The Great Southern Song Comp is brought to you by Lionroars Management and offers multiple opportunities for winning prizes and recognition.
The competition closes for final entries (midnight) February 25 2023 and final results will be announced 1st  April 2023.

However, prior to the Final Awards there are a number of Interim Awards.  If you enter prior to the deadline for any of the interim award deadlines then your song(s) will be in the running to win any of the Interim Awards (prize value $1000) as well as the Final Awards.

1st Place – Prize value $6000
2nd Place – Prize value $1500
3rd Place – Prize value $500

First Interim Award – Prize value $1000  … Won by Tamsin (see Results page)
Announced: 24th September 2022

Second Interim Award – Prize value $1000 won by Kevin Bennett & Angus Gill
Announced: November 26 2022

Third Interim Award – Prize value $1000
(Revised) Deadline for entry: February 11, 2023
Announced: February 25 2023

Fourth Interim Award – Prize value $1000
(Revised) Deadline for entry: Feburary 18, 2023
Announced:  February 25 2023


Cost for entry:  $45 per entry

Judges:  view list of judges